21 Day Manifestation Ritual

Hayley Loewen 21 day Manifestation Ritual

Have you been wondering why manifestation seems to work for everyone but you?

You’re seeing others succeed.

You’re hustling hard and nothing works.

You’ve been manifesting with little to no results.

You may be asking yourself..


We’ve all heard of the power of manifestation. But how do we get it to work for us?

Manifestation takes work, commitment and faith. These are things many of us don’t spend time doing.


Because we want the quick fix! We want the magic pill that will manifest everything for us right now. No effort required. The reality is that most things in life don’t work that way. For Example":

  • Think of the quick fix diet. How well does that work?

  • The quick fix marriage counseling?

  • The quick fix car repair?

  • The quick fix surgery?

One reason why quick fixes dont work is because they are not sustainable or long lasting. Making positive changes in your life takes time.

In order to make positive changes we need to build healthy habits. After 21 days of consistent effort a habit is implemented into your daily routine. Like magic your manifestation rituals will become an essential part of your life. The universe will hear your manifestation requests and based on the law of attraction will provide.

Hayley Loewen Manifestation Ritual Course

You’re here because you’re wanting to manifest your dreams but are unsure what steps to take, or because you’ve attempted these steps but nothing seems to be working.

This course will teach you a 5 Step Manifestation Process that will jump start your dream life and help you overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from believing your manifestations aren’t being heard.

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

  • feel clear, aligned, and confident in your manifestation techniques.

  • have a solid daily manifestation habit in only 21 days.

  • see huge benefits manifesting in your life.

21 Days For $21 cad!!

A brief curriculum outline

The first 10 days we will work on getting clear with 10 life goals you are wanting to manifest using our unique 5 step manifestation method.

The next 10 days we will review the goals, tweak what needs tweaking, make action plans, and continue with the high vibe rituals you learned in the first 10.

The last day we will go over the manifestation signs you’ve experienced, celebrate your successes, and learn how to incorporate your rituals into your daily routine.