Hayley Loewen Intuitive Life Coach from I Am Blessed Mala Beads

About Hayley LOEWEN

At times, life isn’t easy. It can be extremely difficult to navigate through. I wish I had found someone to guide me towards my current path, to help ignite my intuition, and lead me to self discovery. Instead I spent years wandering without any direction, hoping for a sign.

Before I became a Yoga Instructor, Mala Maker, and Intuitive Life Coach, I isolated during the tough times. Inevitably depression set in. I hit a huge low point. I struggled to see the meaning of life, what my purpose was, and why I made poor decisions for myself and the people around me. I know now it was because I didn’t love myself. As harsh as it sounds, I hated myself. I knew that I needed help, and I needed it quick.

Through a lot of self examination I began to see all the areas in my life where I was unhappy. The lack of connection with people on a soul level had me feeling stuck. I knew that I had to dig deep in order to gain the courage and intuitive wisdom to not only quit my job as a psychiatric nurse, but to also believe that I would be better off without the stability of a job…Yikes!

I did this all on my own…this is not something I hold in high regard. I wish I had someone there to help me through.


During this huge leap of intuitive faith I was able to slowly find myself again. My intuition led me towards yoga teacher training. Having never done yoga before this was a pretty amazing stretch…pun intended. I felt a call towards yoga so I listened. I dove in head first and received my 500 hour yoga teacher certification and taught for years.

Yoga became the intuitive seed that started to grow almost immediately. I trusted my intuitive guidance towards yoga and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But, I was teaching much more than just the physical part of yoga. Above all, I was teaching Love. Love for others, love for oneself, and love of connection. Funny enough, “I am in love with myself” was one of my very first mantras.

With this intuitive guidance I started to love myself again. I went from not wanting to live, to wanting to live life intuitively, purposefully, mindfully and above all, to share this wisdom with others.

My hope is to teach you the many intuitive, intention setting, and mindfulness tools that helped me. It’s my purpose to help others who are struggling to find their purpose. To give them a safe place to reach out, find love for themselves, and reach for the stars. Let me help you love, trust and listen to yourself in all aspects. I want to be there to celebrate in all your up coming success.

Love to you all,

Hayley Loewen