Episode #1 - Intro to The Wise Woman Within Podcast

Episode 1 of Hayley Loewen's The Wise Woman Within Podcast

Welcome to the Wise Woman Within Podcast. This is a sacred place for women to learn how to deeply connect to their intuition. Intuition is The Wise Woman within us aching to be heard. This is the place to set her free. I am Hayley Loewen your intuitive development coach. I am here to guide you towards the divine purpose that resides in your soul. Get ready to unleash your Wise Woman.

Hayley Loewen is an Intuitive Life Coach, owner of I Am Blessed Mala Beads, Yoga Teacher and Psychic Medium. She was born to help women find their true selves. She lived most of her life being the person others wanted her to be. Whether that was family beliefs or societal pressure, Hayley tried to follow “the norm” until it caused her to crumble into a million pieces. Figuring out how to put herself back together again was a challenge. Being a sensitive empath and intuitive she heard a call to take Yoga Teacher training. Through this training she discovered how to fully listen to herself. After learning and practicing mindfulness, intention setting and developing her intuition she found herself again. Hayley knew that she wasn't alone in her feeling of being out of touch with her truth. It became her mission to help women find theirs through listening to their souls once again.

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It means so much to us that you listened to our podcast! If you would like to continue the conversation with us, head on over to www.hayleyloewen.com.  With this podcast, we are building a community of Wise Women that we hope to inspire to create a future where we are encouraged to align with our individual truths. If you know somebody who would benefit from this message, or would be an awesome addition to our community, please share it using the social media buttons on this page.

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A little snippet from The Wise Woman Within - Intro to Podcast Episode #1

I am super excited to be sharing our first ever podcast interview with you all. I am currently sitting on my bed at home, over looking the valley in a city near Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. I am sitting on my bed because this is where it's quiet. I am a mom of a very loud, gregarious, electric two and a half year old. She is my wild child that I just love with all my heart in every single way. Her name is Willow and I am introducing her to you because I am sure you will hear her in some of my podcasts, or you will hear me referencing her quite often. Willow is my inspiration my muse my teacher. She is a beautiful reminder of the intuitive beings we are all born into. She has so much of that intuitive energy and I just love nurturing that space within her. Now my husband and I met 7 years ago at a rafting company called Chilliwack River Rafting and he was my raft guide. I was attracted to him from the beginning but didn't think much of it until the end of the trip. I had tipped him and he came to find me to thank me with a vanilla cookie. So as we stood underneath a beautiful Willow tree we locked eyes and we stared at each other for what it felt like a few hours. It was pure alchemy. You just don't ignore a magic intuitive moment like this. So naturally we named our daughter Willow after the tree we met under and I am so blessed to have them both in my life. They are both so free spirited and they accept all my gifts with full hearts. Grateful doesn't even skim the surface for what I feel for them.