Vulnerability is not Weakness!

Hayley Loewen Intuitive Life Coach Blog on Vulnerability

OK here I go again!! VULNERABILITY message. Make sure to read to the end for exciting news!!

I was meditating with my "I Am Worthy" Mala Bead Necklace and I got a bit emotional. In the past I wouldn't let my true emotions through. However, I have learnt that releasing and expressing my emotions is such a powerful, cleansing and self worthy thing to do.

I had a flash back to when I was feeling the most unworthy I had ever been. I had just cheated on my husband, and was only 21 years old. I left him for the man I cheated on him with. During my 5 years with this man I ate and drank my shame so I didn't have to feel it. I listened to whatever I thought people wanted for me, because clearly I wasn't the best decision maker.

My relationship with this man I had cheated on my husband with ended. I was broke, in school for a career I hated, and became bulimic so I could feel some sort of comfort, control and release.

During this time I also used men to fill the space of self hate with shallow moments of worthiness.

One absolutely horrible day I remember driving back and forth over the Port Man Bridge (a bridge in the Vancouver area) at least 10 times contemplating jumping. I received a phone call from my mother after a disturbing text I had sent her. She talked me down off the bridge and I drove home exhausted from the tears, depression and self hate.

I've hit two rock bottoms in my life. This was one of them.

Feeling worthy never came naturally to me and I still struggle with it from time to time. I often hear people say "ok, I've done the self work, I am cured" but the work is life long. Your shadow self will always challenge you even if you are a fully awakened spiritually aligned being.

My memory of a time when I was completely broken brought me so much peace. My daily intuitive development, self love and care that I have been doing works.

I didn't and still dont do this work alone.

I have my own coaches, team and groups that keep me moving towards my purpose. I never want to forget myself because I have a message to share and I am alive to share it all with you!

It's so amazing to have a safe team or group in your corner. They help to remind you of all your gifts, how to return to your soul, and feel supported during times when you feel out of alignment.

That is why I developed The Wise Woman Within VIP Group. Each month we will have a theme that will remind us of our radiant truths.

Our truths are not based in fear, unworthiness, self destruction or hate. Our truths are rooted in our intuitive intentions, love, compassion, self worth and courage.

If you need help staying true to your Wise Woman Within then join us in our VIP Group.

We meet every last Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm PST. At the beginning of the month or upon enrollment you will be given information and exercises based on the months theme. You will also be given access to our closed Facebook group so we can support, hold space and hold each other accountable.

This VIP group is only $19.99 a month (You can cancel it at any time with no fees)

I am here for you when you are ready to take the quantum leap towards feeling, loving and embracing your worthiness.

Hayley Loewen