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Free four day meditation course

What’s the first feeling that comes up when you hear the word meditation?

When I heard it I immediately felt uncomfortable. I’d say to myself “I’m not going to just sit there and not think...that’s impossible”

I got so discouraged and felt like I was a meditation failure.

I’m so glad I no longer feel this way.

First off, you don’t have to meditate cross legged on the floor with your eyes closed focusing on your breath...but if that’s you’re thing then that’s awesome!! Keep doing this.

If you’re like me the thought of doing that is just daunting!

What if I told you, that you can meditate by simply doing the things you love to do.

Do you notice that when you’re in a place of bliss, passion, creativity and love, you don’t have time to think of anything but the awesomeness of the present moment?

You are fully engaged in the activity you love to do.

Now imagine adding a powerful word that amplifies your experience. What if that powerful word manifested into reality. What if it manifested even quicker because there is no resistance to it what so ever.

What if I told you that was a way you could meditate?

I meditate while making malas, or dancing with my two year old chanting mantras, or when I’m at the gym on the olyptical machine, or while I’m on a hike saying my mantra to the beat of my steps.

This is meditation.

There are so many forms of meditation!

So let’s do a meditation challenge together so you can incorporate it into your life, and feel supported, because meditation is so powerful!

Meditation helps us to focus, to be mindful in our day to day interactions, to be less stressed, to feel calm, limitless, abundant, free...all the good things.

Are you ready to start a 4 day meditation challenge with the group?

If the answer is yes click going on this event to be notified and receive instructions on how to follow along with the challenge.

Let’s change the stigma around meditation, let’s make it fun and accessible, let’s join together and lift each other up so we can destroy all the limiting beliefs that keep us from our destiny!!

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