Intuitive Coaching 101

As an intuitive life coach I work with conscious, high vibe women with massive transformational dreams. Our 1:1 and group programs have been created to serve you by deepening your intuitive development, mindfulness tools, and intention setting practices, resulting in the high vibration energy that will drive you towards your souls purpose.

Pretty awesome Right?

Working 1:1 with an intuitive coach helps you explore, locate and listen to the many facets of your intuition. You will learn that listening to your inner wisdom and taking aligned action will help you live in a sacred intuitive space where magic manifests. It’s a place where your head and heart meet. Where your truth resides. Where your soul aches to be heard.

is intuitive coaching right for me?

Is there a place inside your soul that is yearning to be heard?

A silent yet soulfully loud call inside every fiber of your being?

Has it been there for a while now?


That inner knowing that you are meant for more.

  • Maybe it’s a dream of opening your own business.

  • Maybe it’s the desire to know how to live intuitively so you are forever able to connect to your soul’s purpose.

  • Maybe you dont know what the call is and you need help to peel back the layers to find out.

Perhaps you’ve tried figuring out what this calling, inner knowledge, or soul hunger is but are unable to fully discern it.


You may have had an “AH HA” moment that felt deeply connected to your heart’s longing but were unable to move forward into it because of fear, judgment, or the dreaded “shoulds”.

“I should just stay where I am”

“I should do what people say I am good at”

“I should not risk it”

But what if you could take baby steps that helped you to shift your limiting beliefs and take next level inspired action towards your purpose?

“What IF”

What if it only took three months of intuitive coaching to connect all the puzzle pieces that keep you from acting?

Because being in flow…intuitive action…and living your souls purpose…is where you belong!

Scary Stuff!!

Of course this is totally scary stuff to dive into.

However, maybe it is time to remove the feelings that keep you from exploring your intuition.

Maybe it’s time to remove the fears that hide your truths from you.

Maybe it’s time to tap into who you truly are.

Oh yes!!

It’s time to remove the blocks that keep you from your souls purpose.

  • Are you open to changing your habits?

  • Are you ready to take action steps?

  • Are you willing to commit to the work?

  • Are you ready to tap into your souls calling?

  • Are you ready to activate and honour your intuition?

  • Are you ready to to live with greater consciousness and lean in with curiosity?

  • Are you craving the expansiveness of being in flow?

  • Are you ready to release negative habits and say goodbye to the things that block you?

  • Are you ready to experience your transformation with grace, patience and gratitude?

    “HECK YA!”

    If you answered with a “HECK YA” then get ready to live the life you know is deeply aligned with your soul.

    Get ready to release, use your intuition and transform your life to live YOUR truth.