The Intuitive Coaching Method

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I Am an Intuitive Empath that uses an Intuitive Approach to Life Coaching.

I tap into the energy created during our sessions and guide you from there. We usually start with a meditation to help center and ground yourself into the present moment. This helps you find clarity, experience breakthrough moments, and explore what needs to be healed and released.

Finding balance between Your head and heart through intuitive development

Everything you are looking for is found in the spaces between your head and your heart. This is where intuition lives. If we balance our head and heart through intentional work we are able to take steps toward creating what you desire.

How you “feel” about your vision is vital!!

Lets get clear on what you want to manifest. We will align your energy with your visions and channel it into action.

Holistic Healing Approach


If you looked at our 1:1 coaching programs you saw that they are full of different techniques and rituals to assist you in creating the best coaching experience possible.

I use:

  • Reiki

  • Intention setting

  • meditations (guided, mala beads, mantra)

  • chakra alignment

  • mindfulness practices

  • journalling

  • intuitive readings

  • intuition development exercises


Coaching calls are held on Zoom and recorded for future reference.

Also included are unlimited emails between sessions for any questions you may have during your weekly development.

Lets Do This

Lets work on tuning your body into a channel for your intuition to flow through. You’ll gain clarity on how to live consciously according to your values, goals, and desired life. We will peel back the layers of past programming that are holding you back so you can create powerful actions that are aligned with your deepest desires.

let’s intuitively manifest your powerful intentions today!!!