Welcome to your Three month

Intuitive Development PrograM

You and all women (and men) are born with the gift of intuition. Your intuitive gift has likely been ignored for far too long. And why? Well, people are afraid of it. We aren’t taught how to harness this gift because it would deeply affect the corporate industries that rely on us being blind so they can profit from it.

Yikes…Deep stuff right?

I am here to help you

take back your Power!

Discover your Truth

live your PURPOSE!

all on your own terms

Your Program Includes:

2 weeks of Energy Protection Exercises, Worksheets, and a Guided Meditation.

We are deeply affected by the energy around us and within us. It is important to understand how both wanted and unwanted energy shapes our everyday life. Then we can begin to clear unwanted energy and cultivate wanted energy with the different practices shown in these modules. Our energetic body is just as important as our physical body. It is our soul and it needs nourishment, love and elimination just like our physical body does.

6 weeks of Intuitive Development Exercises, Worksheets and Guided Meditations.

Your intuition helps identify your truth! your purpose! your mission in life! Paying attention and listening to your intuition stops the limiting beliefs that the rational brain can't. Your intuition shows you things that you would've missed, doubted, or didn't trust. It is your highest truth. During these 6 weeks I will help unlock your intuition. Get ready to shift into a whole new way of being. Trust me, it's mind blowingly AWESOME!

2 weeks of Meeting Your Spirit Guides Exercises, Worksheets and a Guided Meditation.

We all have guides in our lives that are here to serve our highest good. They come in the form of deities, loved ones, or mystical beings. They are a part of you and are here to help when seeking guidance, clarity, and support. Having a relationship with your guides will enhance your intuitive experience.

2 weeks of Transcendental Meditation Exercises, Worksheets and a Guided Meditation.

What the heck is Transcendental Meditation? It is a technique used to detach oneself from anxiety and promote harmony and self-realization through mantra meditation. This is where we use all the affirmations and intentions we've written down and spend 5-20 minutes a day focusing on repeating this mantra. It is super powerful, healing, and a wonderful way to end this program because it is a very accessible meditation technique that you can take with you to use whenever, wherever.

As you can see each week has something new for you. This course is super intensive so please feel free to go at your own pace.

I am here for you throughout this journey via email at hayleyloewenintuitivelifecoach@gmail.com or text 604-377-9375. Please allow a max of 48 hours for a response.


Hayley Loewen